The March of Shows

Marchin’ on!

Got 2 shows this month for both sides of my rock n roll coin on March 18th Sat (House Concert) & March 30th full band (Ivy Room)

Drew Pearce is back presenting house concerts under the moniker “Inside Lands” and is happy to announce he’ll be joining forces with the mighty Matt Lucas to present his first show at The OPEN MATT in Oakland on Saturday, March 18. This show will feature three of the Bay Area’s most respected singer/songwriters: Amie Penwell, Brad Brooks w/Adam Rossi joining him, and our host, Matt Lucas. RSVP to to attend. Ya better hurry on this one! Here’s a quick little tour of Matt’s place.

Then the big full band excursion happens on March 30th at the newly remodeled Ivy Room for a night of twangtastic countrified loving with Midnight Sons & Sweet Chariot. Folks this is gonna be a real shitkicking barn burner of a night as we’re playing with the full band at one of my fave spots of all time, The Ivy Room. The place has been remodeled and they’ve been putting on some killer shows. Eric Shea (Sweet Chariot & Hot Lunch) and I have been working on this one for awhile and we’ve got the awesome Midnight Sons closing out this special night, with the fantastic Sweet Chariot opening.  I’ll be joined by Andrew Griffin, Adam Rossi, Erik Schramm, Pie Fiorentino, and Joey Dibono on this one. Get there early as it’s gonna be fun one! Tickets here.  Facebook invite

In Feb I had the pleasure of playing with some folks that I’ve always admired but never had the chance to make happen. On Valentines day I was asked to join up with Marc Capelle, Tom Ayers, Karina Denike, Angelina Moysov, & Lily Taylor for an appearance on the Chip Franklin show on KGO 810. We played some anti-love songs and got to lay down the lost love.

Lastly but certainly not least, I was able to go back to Tucson for a week and soak in the sun as well as catch up with some of my musician buddies who I also admire greatly. On Sunday Feb 19th I had honor of jumping up with Friends of Dean Martinez who were kind enough to have me and also learn my new song “Burn It Off” as well as their stellar version of the Carpenters “Close To You.” Bill Elm has been getting the band back together and playing at Owls Club every Sunday night with a steady line up of bad asses. The night I played it had Bill Elm, Naim Amor, Joe Pena, Gabriel Sullivan & Thoger Tetens Lund who make it seem so effortless. Sometimes Tucson just doesn’t know how good they have it. Give a listen to these folks.

Well thank you again for listening and showin up. Hope to see you at some of these shindigs.

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