The Alarm @ The Chapel 8/18 w/Brad Brooks

Getting all pumped up for the show on August 18th opening for The Alarm @ The Chapel. We’ll be starting right at 9pm and have the full band with Andrew Griffin, Adam Rossi, PIe Fiorentino, Joey Dibono, & Max Delaney. The Alarm are still kicking it out strong, touring their asses off, and selling out the shows, so this will be a good one. Mike Peters & his wife Jules have gone through their share of cancer as well, and are inspiring people along the way. Mike has a new documentary out about his journey called “Man In The Camo Jacket” which was just released so check it out. Tickets are going extremely fast and it will sell out, so get them soon at  The Chapel

The Alarm w/Brad Brooks

Had a great time in Opus Studios in Berkeley a couple of weeks ago tracking a new song called “Hiding In The Light” for the Notes 4 Hope breast cancer compilation, and was so excited to play once again with my friend, cohort, and maestro, Paul Hoaglin. Paul came down & joined Adam Rossi and I to track this song with just the 3 of us. We kept it simple, raw & real. It should be coming out in October and be on the look out for that as it helps support breast cancer patients. You can read more about it here. A big thank you to Sandy Prieto, Mark Carlton, Guy Jaquier, & Dave Luke for engineering.

and thank you again everyone for coming out to the Doc’s Lab show last month and the band & I had a great night with Jeff Desira and his birthday day.


Firstly & Lastly:

The world is pretty damn upside down with tensions that seem like we should have evolved past decades ago, and yet here they are again. It’s the same trick over & over again. Divide everyone and then do the nefarious shit that will reveal itself later on, I’ve tried to raise my oldest & youngest kids into people that will understand that race, religion, and sexual orientation are not things to fear. I feel like that is the main thing that I can to do make progress in the universe. I know that other people are doing the same, but what has slipped through the cracks? Education? Fear as a Business? The songs that I’ve been writing in the past year or so are filled with questions. Why do you hurt the people you love? Are we strange fruit numb to police brutality in this country when the truth is there to be seen? Why does it keep happening? Where is our humanity and how can we find it? I don’t know, but I can’t sit on the sidelines, and nor should anyone else. I question myself as to what to do, other than channel it into my family, music and my community. I love living in the Bay Area & Oakland in particular. I see people, who after last weekend are pumping each other up in Oakland as to what we all should stand for. At the same time, we know these assholes are coming here, because they know that we won’t stand for it, and the reason they are coming here is to test the First amendment, as well as the media attention it will get. What if they talked their hatred, and backward ass dumb shit to an empty field. What if we had more powerful and better things to do like getting to know our neighbors, and folks who are different from us. What if their tree fell in the forest and nobody heard, or reacted because we were to busy having a good time connecting with each other outside of our comfort zone. That would keep them from coming back wouldn’t it? Also to be clear. I’m not talking about ignoring it, far from it. I’m talking about taking away its power!

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