Sleepless Nights comin, Ivy Room, Cocker Power

A big thank you again to everyone who came out to our Ivy room show on 3/30 and it turned out to be a great night with Midnight Sons & Sweet Chariot. Both amazing bands and super fun to hang out as well. Really appreciated the response and everyone coming out to one of my favorite East Bay places. Stay tuned for more shows over there. Also a big thank you to Danial Swan for documenting the night, as well as to my band of Adam Rossi, Erik Schramm, Andrew Griffin, Pie Fiorentino & Joey Dibono for throwing it down.

Also had the extreme pleasure of singing in the “choir” with the 17 piece monster that is Cocker Power, who performed Joe Cocker songs from “Mad Dogs & Englishmen” and opened for the incredible Chuck Prophet show at Great American Music Hall on 4/15. There should be some video floating around from this one soon. What a fun night and thank you Bob Reed and the band for having me up there with this extremely talented group of bad assess.

Lastly another big shout out to the Chip Franklin show for having me on KGO 810 for SF Giants opening day show outside of AT & T Park. A crazy couple of songs there in the middle of folks coming out of the ball park. Thank you again to Chip, Nicki & Heather for having me on once again. What a cool group of folks celebrating local music!

As for the future we’ve got a great show coming up on June 10th at Great American Music Hall playing some songs for the Gram Parsons tribute “Sleepless Nights” put on for the 14th year by Eric Shea. This is a show that I’ve wanted to be on for a long time and we’re really excited to be on this one and celebrating the Cosmic American himself. Featuring: Titan Ups, Red Meat, Brad Brooks, Sarah Bethe Nelson, Sweet Chariot, Midnight Sons, Angelica Rockne, The Ugly, Bar Fight. Tickets Here:

Thank you again all for listening:

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