Ivy Room Friday Feb 1st (Brad Brooks, The Bye Bye Blackbirds, L & J Illuminated)

Feb 1st Friday, we’ve got a full band show at The Ivy Room and I’m so stoked as we’ve got one of my favorite people in the world Vicki Randle join us on this night. Vicki’s been singing background vocals and doing percussion on the new record, and she’s also off the road from touring with Mavis Staples and I was lucky that she is now around more to play out. I can’t say enough amazing things about her, but you can check out this podcast talking about her musical life on the Tonight Show. We’ve also got Kevin White jumping up with us on bass for this night on loan from Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express. Opening the night are also a couple of super talented groups, The Bye Bye Blackbirds, and L & J Illuminated. The Bye Bye Blackbirds are headed by Bradley Skaught and he and I have been trying to do a show together for a couple of years now. I was asked to sing some back up vocals on 2 of the songs on their last record “Take Out The Poison” and I’m excited to that we get to do this bill together. Opening the night is cool new acoustic duo with Gregory Leigh from Mellow Drunk & Jefferson Parker who plays with Lydia & The Projects. Get there early and get your tickets here.

Over the holiday’s I got the chance to finally play with some of my favorite musicians in the Bay Area as I was able to play with Marc Capelle & The Casuals (Marc Capelle, Bart Davenport, Tom Ayers, Peter Strauss, Scott Amendola, for Parker Gibbs “Craptacular” at the Make Out room! What a night that was and it was such a blast playing the Sparks tune “Thank God It’s Not Christmas.”

Lastly is was great to the band back out to play more shows near the end of the year and we had a couple of fun nights at the Makeout Room with Michael Shaw as well as Bottom Of the Hill with Actual Wolf & Sweetwater Black. My goal is try and play out more consistently as well as put out this damn record!  Thank you for listening and hope to see you on Feb 1st.





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