If, like me, you believe that rock ‘n’ roll as defined in the 1970s by the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Queen, Elvis Costello et al is at the apex of popular music making, then anything by Brad Brooks is essential.

Back in 2012, I used these words to praise Harmony of Passing Light – Brooks previous album – “No exaggeration to say in an age of throwaway pop, Brooks has concocted a mini pop masterpiece that gives true pop music lovers that there may still be hope for us yet.”

Sadly, Brooks was not quite able to build on that creative peak as he was diagnosed with throat cancer five years ago. However, thankfully, Brooks has made a full recovery and is now able to deliver on the promise of Harmony of Passing Light, with his new album God Save the City.

With the titular single now available for fans to enjoy, God Save the City is gritty rock ‘n’ roll in the classic 70s style as Brooks raises a fist in defiance as music makers around the world see their livelihoods threatened by the global pandemic.

The song is a call to solidarity as Brad Brooks states at his Bandcamp page – “It’s not about one city, or town, it’s about everyone and whats gonna be left behind if we don’t help each other out.” Indeed, it may be a cliche to talk about the tough going when the going gets touch BUT it has to be more than mere talk.

So please check out “God Save the City” at this link. The album will be released on 23rd October.