Studio Tan, Jesse Brewster benefit, Flickering, Rickshaw aftermath

Baby it’s time…………March for me always means it’s time to get started doing something productive, and in this case we’re headed into the studio. I’ve always been extremely blessed (lucky) to have some incredible musicians on all of my records, and this group of folks have been playing with me together now for about 3 years or more. We’ve been working on some new songs
and it’s time to jump in the fire, and see what burns. At the production helm is Adam Rossi, who also has been one of my favorite musicians, piano players, as well as a bad ass producer in his own right. He also happens to be in the band, which made it pretty easy to ask him. There’s Andrew Griffin, Erik Schramm, Pie Fiorentino, Joey Dibono, Laela Peterson-Stolen, Patty Espeseth, whom are not only amazing to work with and have played on a bunch of records, but also some of my favorite people in the world. Strangely enough it has probably been over 10 years since I’ve written in a full band format and I’d forgotten how much fun it can be. All these folks have strong opinions and I appreciate that! Some of the songs have been written in the past year, and one in particular is from a long time ago written with my friend and mentor Robert Tepper. So after this week we’ll have some videos, little teases, and tastes from the sessions.

Also a big thank you to all who came out to the Rickshaw Stop for our show in January, and we’ll have some live video and recording from this performance coming later in the year. Below are some photos from some amazing photographers whom came to the show: (Tom Dellinger, Mark Kitaoka & Tracy Martin)

Then on Thursday night March 5th @ is a benefit for our good friend and fellow musician Jesse Brewster who just had a kidney transplant that was supplied by his lovely wife Sarah. We’re gathering the troops of local musicians together to play a concert in the hopes of raising some good money for Jesse and his wife Sarah. Please come join us for a great night of celebrating Jesse and Sarah and sharing some music…
Joining the stage will be Kyle Caprista, Jeff Symonds, Max Delaney, Mike Gibbons, Allyson Paige, Kelly McFarling, Elliot Randall, James Nash, Amie Penwell, Brad Brooks, Heather Combs and more… Let’s pack this place in honor of a great musician and some awesome humans alike!
Your can see more of Jesse & Sarah’s story here from ABC News.

And it would be weird and down right despicable not to mention a new record that I had the distinct pleasure of singing back ground vocals on. That would be the new record “Flickering” by Scott Mickelson. Scott has been on the Bay Area scene about as long as I have and has made the record of his career! This thing is lyrical, has heart, soul, and blood on just about on every track. It sounds amazing. with some heavy folks playing on it, and he pretty much let me do whatever came into my head, or our collective brain circuits. Most of which we kept. Some just to strange for anyone to hear. It was a total blast and honor to be on this masterpiece, and he should be off and running with it, including a release show with an amazing array of folks on March 7th @ Viracocha in SF.

Lastly, it was fantastic going back to Tucson and jumping up there with the one and only Loren Dircks and his drummer Might Joel Ford, and the Tucson return of Eddie Spaghetti from the Supersuckers at the Surly Wench. This place used to be called “The Night Train” and turned out to be the first place that I’d ever played in public, way way back in the day. The first gig that I ever sang I had leather pants on and ripped em out the first damn song. Kept on going to the end………kinda like this news update! Enjoy the photos……….


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