Southern Tour, Live @ Coast DVD, Grand Mannering, Hotel Utah/W.A.S.H. (RDL), and post Brick & Mortar

I’ve taken to just drinking baby formula bottles as to not waste any time with actually eating food during this hectic time!

Starting April 15th in Dallas, TX we’ll be taking off for a spring singer-songwriter “Grits & Fits” southern tour with Guitar Center singer-songwriter competition winner Jeff Campbell, and Clay Bell. We’re rolling into Dallas, Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, and Atlanta through April 19th. Tour Dates. A few of these will be full band shows, and Jeff & Clay & I will be singing on each others songs. Bourbon follies……….






Hard at work with Mastering specialist & Coast Studios wrangler Michael Romanowski, working on the audio & video from our “Live @ Coast” performance from Dec 2nd of last year. We’re hoping to get this document into your hot little hands this month, and are very excited how it’s turning out.







Also spent some time with Tracy Martin working on a video for the song “Grand Manner” from “Harmony Of Passing Light” and spent an afternoon out in the Redwood reserve near Half Moon Bay, as well as near Ano Nuevo. Her partner in crime Mark Kitaoka joined us and caught me in a wooden mood







Continuing on to the live front, I’ve inadvertently double booked myself in SF for April 4th.

Starting at 7:30 I’m honored to have been asked to perform @ Red Devil Lounge for W.A.S.H: An Experimental variety show with guest stars, stand up, music, and accompaniment by the East Bay 3. Pie Fiorentino also joins me on this one, and it is an early performance.Then it’s high tailing it over to Hotel Utah @ 8:30 for one of my favorite songwriters in the round series, featuring Heather Combs, Jesse Brewster, and Mike Gibbons. This one is always a great night as Heather encourages everyone to participate, and it never disappoints.


Lastly, wanted to thank everyone who made their way out to Brick & Mortar for our full band show w/Felsen, Robin Applewood, & Jay Trainer. Truly was an epic night for all of us and appreciated the support so much. Here’s a live performance of us doing the Rolling Stone’s song “Loving Cup” as well as the fun promo video we made.


Also, forgot to mention a big thank you to Shugg over at Mutiny Radio for having Laela Peterson-Stolen and I over for an interview and performance on March 13th.

Thank ya all for listening!




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