In The Lab: MC5 “Heavy Lifting” & Tour dates

MC5 “Heavy Lifting” Tour:

w/ Wayne Kramer (guitar), Brad Brooks (vocals) , Stephen Perkins: Drums (Jane’s Addiction), Vicki Randle: Bass (Mavis Staples), Stevie Salas: guitar (David Bowie)

5/5 – Detroit @ El Club

5/6 – Pittsburg @ Thunderbird Cafe Music Hall

5/7 – Philadelphia @ Underground Arts

5/8 – Brooklyn @ Warsaw

5/12 – Sacramento @ Harlows

5/13 – San Francisco @ Bimbo’s 365 Club

5/14 – Los Angeles @ Roxy Theatre

5/15 – San Deigo @ Soda Bar

In the lab MC5 “Heavy Lifting” Tour 
The past year has been a crazy creative musical ride as I’ve been working on a secret project that is now coming to light. 
A couple of years ago I had the extreme fortune to do a gig with legendary MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer (thank you Tiffanie Debartolo & Bright Antenna) and at the end of the night he and I got to talking about our lives, and it turns out that we had a lot in common. Over time our friendship grew, we stayed in touch and talked about trying to do some writing.
When Covid hit, we both would check in on each other about the challenges of raising our kids during that period as well as trying to stay creative.
Approximately a year ago we started writing some songs and it turns out that we both really enjoyed the process, and kept writing more and more of em and getting excited as the process went along. No thought to what they might be stylistically or where they might go, but just creation for creations sake. Making art because it’s what we are driven to do, but also because it was saving our souls to be creating in an extremely difficult time, as well as describing what the fuck was/is going on in the world that we live in. It’s also been one of the most fun experiences that I’ve ever been involved in and having Wayne as a musical partner has been flat out unbelievable. His playing has never been better, and that’s just not my opinion. That’s also the opinion of legendary producer Bob Ezrin!

Bob Ezrin, Wayne Kramer, Brad Brooks, Morrison Machiavelli Bob Ezrin & BB

Somehow Wayne (and his amazing wife & manager Margaret) got Bob on board to produce a new MC5 record that will be released on Germany’s fantastic Ear Music label with the first single called “Heavy Lifting”.
Bob’s resume is unbelievable (Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed, Kiss, Janes Addiction, The Jayhawks) and he’s getting the best out of us as only Bob can. The man can be tough and direct in the best kind of way, but has a wicked sense of humor that keeps it all light. This first single "Heavy Lifting" is also a co-write with another legendary bad ass, guitar innovator, and activist Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave/The Nightwatchman. Wayne & Tom have been friends for awhile now via Wayne’s nonprofit “Jail Guitar Doors” which teaches music in prisons, and they play off of each other extremely well. Holy shit! The rest of the band recording this new record is right out of a dream and probably only something that Bob & Wayne could pull off with the respect that they both garner. On drums is session drummer extraordinaire and Sir Paul McCartneys favorite drummer Abe Laboriel Jr, who is just kicking the proverbial ass on all of these tunes. Abe is one of the most joyful players and people that I’ve ever met. He’s like someone that you’ve known your whole life. He also sings like a bird. Rounding out this crazy crew is another legendary producer (The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson, Waylon Jennings, Paul Westerberg) and bass playing wizard, Mr Don Was. Don is one of the coolest people you’ll ever wanna meet and has this extremely zen quality about him. Maybe it’s because he refuses to wear shoes. He makes everything look effortless, and it’s not. That’s a gift! Don & Wayne have known each other for a long time from the Detroit days and Wayne played on the first Was Not Was record and was in the band for awhile, so their connection is truly unspoken and expansive. To see these 2 play together, along with Abe on these tracks is almost like watching a couple of magicians sprinkling magic in between the grooves.

Dave Way, Wayne Kramer, Brad Brooks, Don Was, Bob Ezrin, Abe Laboriel Jr, Mark Rojas Don Was & BB Abe Laboriel Jr & BB Dave Way & The Hit Spray

Basic tracks have been recorded in November at The Waystation in LA with 4 time Grammy winner Dave Way engineering, who’s also an amazing dude and has his own “Hit Spray”. Dave’s place is killer.

Who is this guy?
Brad Brooks Bandcamp
Honestly I’m a working class Rock n Roll lifer, soul singer to the core who grew up with punk rock in the 80’s. Cut my teeth in Tucson with a band called Pollo Elastico, moved to San Francisco in 90’s and started Reckonball & Dolorosa, and for the past 20 years I’ve been a singer-songwriter from Oakland who’s been putting out his own records, including the most recent one "God Save The City".
I’m a throat cancer survivor who is grateful for every day that I still get to sing for a living and do what I love do.
The Hard Road: Brad Brooks
Come and see it for yourself!
Adding to the insanity is another dream band doing the tour with all the incredible members below. What a ride this is gonna be! More on that later...............
The MC5 tour: w/Wayne Kramer (guitar) Stephen Perkins (drums) Stevie Salas (guitar) Vicki Randle (bass) Brad Brooks (The singer) 5/5: Detroit @ El Club 5/6: Pittsburg @ Thunderbird 5/7: Philadelphia @ Underground Arts 5/8: Brooklyn @ Warsaw 5/12: Sacramento @ Harlow’s 5/13: San Francisco @ Bimbos 365 Club 5/14: Los Angeles @ The Roxy Theater 5/15: San Diego @ Soda Bar