Hotel Utah Thurs Oct 9th, and where the hell have I been.

Been hunkered down in the bunker working on new songs with the band, and figuring out what the hell I wanna say, and how to say it.
These recipes take some time folks, and some life living to do it. No excuses!
As it stands, I am getting out of the house and will be playing at one of my fave places in SF.
This Thursday Oct 9th @ Hotel Utah with Essence Goldman & Robin Galante. Glad to be playing with these awesome chanteuses.
Doors at 8pm with Robin opening, Essence in the middle, and us closing.
This is gonna be an excellent evening and I’m gonna be bringing the fabulous Pie Fiorentino & Laela Peterson-Stolen, for musical and moral support.
Last time I was here, some one wanted to fight me about Hall & Oates, so it could get weird!

Also got together last week with the one and only Tracy Martin to shoot a video for the song Grand Manner.
We went out in the woods, and got lost…………..


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