Hotel Utah March 6th, Post: Rickshaw, Kimmel, Anthem, and stuff about stuff

Harmony Of Passing Light: Itunes, CD Baby

Spill Collateral Love: Itunes, CD Baby

Sanctified Into Astroglide: Itunes, CD Baby                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Coming up on March 6th is the kick off of one of the best yearly singer-songwriter showcases, presented by the fantastic Heather Combs @ Hotel Utah. This one also features the incredible Kelly McFarling & Eoin Harrington. What makes this one so much fun is the interaction between all the performers, audience, and the humor that Heather always brings to this show. Helluva good time awaits!

So much to catch up to, but mostly want to thank everyone for coming out to the DVD release party @ Rickshaw Stop on Jan 3rd. All the bands including Felsen, and We Became Owls, were so appreciative, and was a great way to start 2014. A big thank you to Bill Hansell from Appleberry Jam, and Shugga for helping get the word out, and both Andrew’s (Griffin & Blair) for having me up there with them for some singing, as well as Megan Slankard, Kyle Caprista, Dylan Brock, and Jerry Becker for join us. There are also so fantastic photos from 2 great photographers (Tom Dellinger & Tamarind Free Jones)






Here are some more installments from our “Harmony of Passing Light: Live @ Coast” show, this time featuring the one and only Robert Tepper signing “No Easy Way Out” with us, as well as the supremely talented Megan Slankard joining us on “Bumbelina”

and if you weren’t watching on TV, here’s the video from Jeff Campbell’s performance on the Jimmy Kimmel show with a few choice back ground singers.

and finally, had the honor of singing the National Anthem at the Santa Cruz Warriors game, which is the farm team of the Golden State Warriors. Scary gig!

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