Harmony Of Passing Light release Feb 28th, SXSW, NW Tour du jour

I’m extremely excited to announce the full release of “Harmony Of Passing Light” which comes out on Feb 28th. Physical copies will be available through CD Baby and digital via Itunes.  The first singleSpinner & The Spunis now available and ready for driving through red lights. Get it and see why!

Performing March 1st at Hotel Utah for the first 2012 installment of Heather Comb’s Songwriters in the Round. This is always a great night and will be joined by Heather Combs, Austin Willacy, and Rick Hardin.  Come sing along or throw your love into the air.

Very pleased to announce that we’re heading out to Austin TX for SXSW for a couple of showcases. One presented by LoungeFlySF at Maria Maria on March 15th which features an incredible cross section of singer-songwriters from the Bay Area, as well as another awesome night on St Patty’s day March 17th presented by Killer Artists & KC Turner Presents which has a killer line up of bands outside and singer-songwriters inside. I go on at 5:30 on March 15th & 3:30 on March 17th. No sleep will be had by everyone!

Lastly, a big thanks to everyone who we met and played for on the NW Tour that Jeff & I did. We got to play with some amazing bands & singer-songwriters along the way. It rained, it snowed, and we played to some new folks. Special thanks to Keep Your Fork There’s Pie for the incredible hospitality.

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