God Save The City: Single (out now) Album on 10/23

God Save The City: Single : https://orcd.co/b1nrp3j

God Save The City: Radio Edit: https://orcd.co/jjkwpqj


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Your in your car and everyone seems to be driving faster than they used to, and no one’s driving within the lines and neither are you. It starts with “Come On!” and ends with Ralph Carney doing what only Ralph knew how to do which was sound like an animal released from a cage. It’s Street Fightin Suffragette Cities vs God Save the Queen, it’s Oakland Soul & San Francisco Roll racing across the bridge in both directions with “The Screaming Angels” shouting “God Save The City NOW” and you better fucking believe it. It’s not about one city, or town, it’s about everyone and whats gonna be left behind if we don’t help each other out. All of our Brothers & Sisters! Where we live and on the streets in our communities. By the end of the song you’ve passed everybody on the freeway and there’s nothing but open road. Now what are you gonna do?

Save the artist and save our fucking venues…..NOW!: https://www.saveourstages.com/

First review: Glide Magazine;



“DON’T SNATCH THE MAIL” played on WFMU by Pseu Braun one her show “Pseu’s Thing With A Hook” playlist 8/27/20. I have now Idea where she found it but extremely glad that she did. Pseu’s comments are “A really weird pop song” “I know my hands are in the air like what?” “An instant classic.” Really appreciate her playin that one and you can check out her show below and the playlist.

: https://wfmu.org/archiveplayer/?show=96035&archive=190394&starttime=0:49:37


and yes there is a LIVE PERFORMANCE on the horizon at Hopmonk Novato on 10/11 Sunday from 12:30-2:30 in the outdoor patio.

Nothing fancy, just solo @ a distance and more details here. https://fb.me/e/40v63nqb8?ti=icl

Solo @ A Distance

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