Celebrating Bowie


CELEBRATING DAVID BOWIE: Can’t wait to see everyone this Tuesday night at The Regency Ballroom when a ton of talented folks are getting together for a 3+ hour career retrospective on David Bowie. So honored to be singing a couple of songs with this array of massive LA & SF heavy weights.

The show features (ready… here’s an amazing list): Gary Oldman, Angelo Moore, Jerry Harrison, Scrote, Lyle Workman, Holly Palmer, Mark Plati, Wil Blades, Brad Brooks, Adam Theis, Magik*Magik Orchestra, Gaby Moreno, Jim Greer, Preacher Boy, Russ Gold, Jim Bogios, Rich Armstrong, Jamison Smeltz, Dorian Holley, Joe Sumner , Mirv, Patrick Warren, Brain, Eric Gorfain, , Blair Sinta, Mark Degli Antoni, Paul Bushnell, Jebin Bruni, Paul Jensen, Ron Dziubla, House, Princess Frank, Rob Reich, Celia Chavez, Simon Petty, Alex Painter, Jordan Katz, Michael Urbano, Josh Lopez, Jeremy Little, , Brett Hool, Marcus Blake, Shawn Davis, Libby Lavella, Karina Denike, Mark Growden, Craig McFarland, Meryl Theo Press, Mike Klooster, Carletta Sue Kay, Russ Gold, Guy Gershoni, Michaella Goerlitz, the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir Ensemble… and more.

Just returned from Tucson, AZ and mixing at Wavelab with the incredible Craig Schumacher  whom goes by a host of  monikers. (Producer, Wavelab wizard, Tape Op Guy, Night drone flying aviator, fellow Cancer survivor). Had a great time in the studio and catching up with some folks along the way. Was sad to hear about the moving of the Chicago music store from its home for so many years as that place has a lot of Tucson music history that has come and gone from that building, as well as some legendary musicians who worked in that building including Rainer Ptacek. I walked out of there with a couple of things over the years and even some of them worked. A lot of the real treasures ended up at Wavelab for your pleasure!

Also had the pleasure of chatting on the Working Class Audio podcast with friend and producer Matt Boudreau. We talked about the artist side of what is expected from engineers & producers, as well as our musical crossover history in the SF Bay Area music scene over the years. A super fun hang and he makes a damn fine tea!

Excited to announce that I’ll be opening for Wesley Stace (aka John Wesley Harding) on Thursday April 21st @ The Makeout Room 7pm Doors: 8:00pm Show: Tickets on sale here
Wes has released numerous albums under the name John Wesley Harding and his latest record titled “Wesley Stace” came out in 2013 on Yeprock and was produced by long time friend Chris Von Sneidern. To top it off he’s written 4 novels and his latest “Wonderkid” just came out in Feb. I’ve seen him a couple of times over the years and his show never disappoints, is humorous, damn those songs are great! I’m opening and will be bringing new songs to light and explaining my own precarious state of mind.

Wesley Stace & Brad Brooks April 21st at the Makeout Room


Downtown Tucson sunset
photo 1-1
w/Craig Schumacher & unknown engineer
photo 1
Wavelab home of the Tucson sound
photo 3
Chicago Store end of an era

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