April 3, 2019
201 Court Ave.
Venue: The Dusty Monk
Address: 85701
State: Arizona

Former Tucsonian & Pollo Elastico member Brad Brooks returns with some friends & clandestine cohorts for a night of debauchery on 4/3 Wednesday for Van & Lorens shindig at The Dusty Monk Pub. This is gonna be a super fun night and I’ll be joined by Loren Dircks, Van Christian, Nik Augustine, Chris Martin, Marc Perrodin, Luis Loucks-Tavres, and special guest Amy Mendoza. I’ll be doing some acoustic & piano songs along with a set with this group of stellar folks.

Brad Brooks is that rare quadruple threat of writer, player, singer, and performer.
His songs combine the melodic sensibility of Elvis Costello, the best instincts of Wilco and Brian Wilson, along with the orchestral sophistication of Queen.
Brooks is rooted in a kind of Victorian California romanticism; and with the release of his record “Harmony Of Passing Light” Brooks joined his peers with the best work of his career.
His gift for melody and his soaring vocals remain the most immediately impressive traits of his music. Brooks’ voice can wail like a blue-eyed soul singer, whisper plaintively, croon with just a touch of twang, or soar through the most demanding melodic acrobatics, and he pulls off all of these different guises on “Harmony” without the record sounding disjointed. Rather, it’s an album with multiple textures that still feels unified.
Brooks has found the essence of his own unique voice, and been one of the Bay Area’s best-kept secrets for years.
He’s also survived stage 4 throat cancer as of 4 years ago, and has been in the studio with his live band recording his 4th record with Adam Rossi at AR Audio in SF, with some songs mixed by Craig Schumacher of Wavelab from Tucson.