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Harmony Of Passing Light

  1. Calling Everyone Brad Brooks 3:58
  2. Steal My Disarray Brad Brooks 3:40
  3. Spinner & The Spun Brad Brooks 4:28
  4. Will It Be Enough Brad Brooks 4:07
  5. Night Fades Brad Brooks 5:07
  6. Bumbelina Brad Brooks 3:14
  7. Farewell to Folderol Brad Brooks 6:01
  8. Exemplary Girl Brad Brooks 4:19
  9. Hope Is That I Got You Brad Brooks 5:18
  10. Knowin What The Moment Is Brad Brooks 4:14
  11. Grand Manner Brad Brooks 3:43

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News & Updates


Adventures in: Clueless, Jeff Buckley, Tucson, Makeout, Recording, Lost Churching


Recording new songs, Tucson, Jeff Buckley tribute, Makeout Room

A slew of news to pass along as a lot is going on including...

Ivy Room Friday Feb 1st (Brad Brooks, The Bye Bye Blackbirds, L & J Illuminated)

Feb 1st Friday, we’ve got a full band show at The Ivy Room and...

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