The Alarm @ The Chapel 8/18 w/Brad Brooks

The Alarm w/Brad Brooks

18 Aug 2017 San Francisco, California


Time : 8:00pm doors 9pm show
Venue : The Chapel
Address : 777 Valencia St.
State : California
Zip : 94110
Phone : 415-551-5157
Contact Website :

The Alarm w/Brad Brooks

So excited to be opening up for The Alarm at the Chapel on Friday 8/18 and we’ll be performing with the full band!

Over 30 years in the rock and roll business, the story of THE ALARM is a continuing and ever unfolding drama that still commands worldwide attention since being formed in Rhyl, North Wales and is still fronted by lead singer and guitarist MIKE PETERS.

“What is the lasting legacy of a rock and roll band that has broken up and left the collective public conscience?
What if one or more of the band’s founding members continues down a path in the spirit that the band created when it was together?
For a band like The Alarm, that legacy can be hard to ascertain because they meant many things to many different people.

To some, they were the greatest live band to ever take the stage in a dingy club, theatre, or football arena.
Others found solace in the lyrics, latching on to themes of inspiration, hope, spirituality and friendship. Still others enjoyed the camaraderie among fans, and the genuine affection the band showed towards them.

The one thing that tied all of things together was the music. From adrenaline- filled acoustic rock played with a vengeance, to deft rock n’ roll played from the heart, the Alarm’s songs were something special with lasting significance.
That significance cannot be measured in Gold records or critical acclaim because the band won none of the former and very little of the latter.

What can be measured is The Alarm’s affect on their fans: a fiercely loyal rabble that to this day, continues to support the band and the various solo efforts spawned by its members.
The popular-press music journalism has-beens and wannabes with their clever quips and scathing reviews may never have “got” what The Alarm stood for, but the fans sure did.
To them Alarm music was a unique treasure, and the band was nothing short of legendary”.

The Alarm can lay claim to a series of 15 Top 50 UK singles, including their classic hits, “68 GUNS”, “SPIRIT OF 76”, “RAIN IN THE SUMMERTIME”, “STRENGTH” “45 RPM” and of course “THE STAND”.
Ten successful albums and over 5 million sales worldwide, The Alarm’s pioneering use of acoustic guitars brought the band into direct contact with the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young and U2, all whom have appeared and sung on stage with The Alarm.

In late December 2005, singer Mike Peters revealed he has been diagnosed with a form of cancer called chronic lymphocytic leukemia, but it was diagnosed in its early stages and his prognosis is favorable. This came after he had been in remission from cancer previously that he had fought in the 1990s. Indeed the 1996 solo album Feel Free has a song titled “Regeneration” in which he discusses his diagnosis and subsequent alternative medicine that he believes help cure him.
In 2007 Mike launched the ‘Love Hope Strength’ foundation which sets to raise funds and awareness in fighting cancer.
For more information on the foundation, please visit:

Also there’s a new documentary about his fight with Cancer called “Man In The Cameo Jacket” that just came out in July.